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PILLAR V. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing opens the door to CPL (Cost Per Lead) deals, where the leads are exclusive, as opposed to shared with competitors. With the appropriate recruiting and partnership development strategies, a high quantity and quality-level of affiliates may be attained. In Phase 3, we recommend that Blueliner come aboard to monitor and advise on the affiliate marketing strategy. Relationships with affiliate networks like Kolimbo and Commission Junction are only as fruitful as the strategic and creative planning invested into them on an ongoing basis. The best affiliate programs offer new banners and promotions to affiliates monthly, sometimes even weekly.

Potential services offered by Blueliner for PILLAR V include:

  • Recruiting Affiliates – Aggressively recruiting national and local affiliate partners.
  • Promotion Development – Conception of and actual graphical design of affiliate banners and text links. This may be of great benefit and ROI to the current affiliates, incentivizing them to update content and promotions on a regular basis.
  • Referral Incentive Programs – “Refer a Friend” email promotions offer a low cost method of marketing that Client should be taking advantage of.
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Blueliner seeks to utilize its entrepreneurial, media and web-centric skills, to achieve brand recognition and maximize ROI for a select group of clients who offer innovative and meaningful products.