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Application Integration

In business today, Enterprise Application Integration is crucial. It increases internal knowledge and productivity by enabling users to share information rapidly. Application Integration automates business processes for reliable execution, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) provides a platform for sharing information and processes enterprise-wide.

Why pursue an Application Integration effort?

  • Distributes knowledge more efficiently
  • Improves Customer Relationship Management (CRM) efforts
  • Provides cleaner, more reliable and available data Improves operational efficiencies

To address these issues, many companies are pursuing business integration strategies such as connecting global supply chains, eliminating barriers to channel efficiency, increasing operational efficiency, linking Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems across the enterprise, and maximizing customer relationships.

Blueliner has the capability to deliver the results you expect. This can be achieved by:

  • Refining application integration
  • Determining the most appropriate technology solution
  • Performing risk assessments
  • Mapping the architectures
  • Performing efficient project management

Blueliner Delivers

  • Enterprise Application Integration Strategy and Consulting
  • Solution Scoping
  • Risk Assessment
  • Enterprise Application Integration Product Evaluations and Recommendations
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Enterprise Application Integration Architecture and Design
  • Implementation of End-to-End Enterprise Application Integration solutions
  • Workflow, Process Modeling and Interface Design
  • Post Implementation Support and Service

There is typicallythree reasonsin using application integration tools over using APIs:

  1. Evolving technology. Using application integration tools would easy the pain in performing the work in comparing in using APIs.
  2. Maintenance of the integration of the existing applications. It takes too long to maintain integration of application than use an EAI tool.
  3. Scalability of your corporate solution. When your company solution evolves, it's too difficult to use API in comparing a EAI tool. A typical API merely allows to implement a full featured communication exchnange with a third party application or component. From other side a suite of EAI services performs event exchange, routing, connectivities, and business workflows implementation.
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Blueliner seeks to utilize its entrepreneurial, media and web-centric skills, to achieve brand recognition and maximize ROI for a select group of clients who offer innovative and meaningful products.