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Enterprise Information Portals

Blueliner offers services in design and development of Enterprise Information Portals by doing extensive study of business processes and unique requirements of respective industry domains or organizations.

Blueliner understands that different industry domains or organizations have different internal processes and requirements and different problem areas associated with these processes.

Blueliner deputes highly experienced domain experts in understanding client requirements and suggesting optimum solutions. Since clients best knows their businesses, B strongly encourages their involvement in initial requirement analysis and always suggests formulating a Project Team comprising of client Project Managers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to be a part of the development life cycle, so that there are minimal gaps in understanding their aspirations.

Blueliner Enterprise Portal delivers the promise of true e-business by unifying business processes in the corporate ecosystem for strategic advantage and profitability. With it you can:

  • Internet and Intranet systems or application automating and integrating organizations internal and/or external processes
  • Manage all types of enterprise data including applications, databases, stored documents, and Internet information Organization Portals integrated with Enterprise applications like ERP, CRM, BI, SCM, etc
  • Personalizing systems or applications depending upon organizations’ departments, functioning, geographical preferences
  • Implementation of role-based access and administration policies and systems
  • Workflow and Collaboration Applications
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Enterprise Information Portals
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Blueliner seeks to utilize its entrepreneurial, media and web-centric skills, to achieve brand recognition and maximize ROI for a select group of clients who offer innovative and meaningful products.
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