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PILLAR IV. Interactive Public Relations

Interactive PR is an important tool for Client to utilize in concert with traditional Public Relations strategy. Placement in search engines, ezines and respected online publications is at stake. Blueliner will work to ensure Client is covered in the worldwide PR web.

Interactive PR services include the following:

  1. Interactive PR Strategy – Categorizing A, B and C-list web PR targets and formulating a relationship-building strategy with respective editorial staffs. The use of RSS feeds is critical, as media professionals utilize them to gather content.
  2. Copywriting – Lively and keyword rich copy is a major asset, as well as a secret weapon in the search engine dogfight. Very few companies consistently create or sponsor useful and timely copy.
  3. Ezine Targeting – Ezines offer a wonderful chance for Client to gain exposure in local, national and niche markets. Blueliner will seek and integrate Client content within as many suitable ezines as possible.
  4. Editorial Placement – Online publications need to be contacted on a consistent basis. Blueliner will ensure that editorial opportunities do not pass Client by.
  5. Wire Distribution – The speed with which wire distribution enables contact with various publications, editorial staff and websites can be a major competitive advantage.

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Blueliner seeks to utilize its entrepreneurial, media and web-centric skills, to achieve brand recognition and maximize ROI for a select group of clients who offer innovative and meaningful products.