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We are striving to understand changing customer needs. We want to make our customers' lives easier by simply making technology usable. We are proud to have solid Information Systems Professionals, who with the help of world class tools and equipment, study, design, develop, enhance, customize, implement, maintain and support various aspects of Information Technology. We have the expertise and experience to help you cut costs significantly without impacting product quality or delivery schedules.

For start-up companies, the benefits of Offshore software development can be monumental for the simple fact that it allows you to go farther on your venture capital dollars. The costs of Offshore software programming are much lower than hiring western programmers to fulfill your design.

Offshore software development has an extra benefit for other software developing companies, who by sub contracting out some of their most routine tasks to our company would be able to concentrate their workforce on the different tasks, which need their specific expertise. We would insure that perhaps unpleasant and perhaps more routine tasks still get done, saving their time for something of higher priority and importance.

Offshore software development at blueliner provides enormous cost benefits, works according to Internet time. Offshore Development Center consists of a dedicated pool of software professionals with focus on core competencies.

An offshore development center also includes the related benefits of offshore software outsourcing in India; be it offloading application maintenance, software development, mobile and wireless solutions, product development, help desk operations or numerous other projects, clients are assured of the best among Indian software developers.

Outsourcing to India - Blueliner offshore software development center in India provides the resources to meet today's demand for highly skilled IT personnel with staff who excel in connectivity, development services and offshore development. It can draw on a flexible infrastructure and qualified, highly motivated specialists at any time from our offshore facility. Our India-based staff is well acquainted with the kind of quality American and European companies require. They apply the highest of standards to all the services they provide.

India is an attractive location for the following reasons :

Cost Saving - Fully loaded costs for offshore work and offshore development centers in India are 30-50 percent lower than those in the U.S. and Europe.

Faster time to market - Time reductions result from 24/7 development cycles. offshore development center rapid ramp-up through access to a large pool of resources and faster learning curves in some areas stemming from past experience.

High quality - According to research findings by CIO.com, “India has the highest number of CMM-certified companies in the world—37 companies meet CMM minimum standards while 5,554 have ISO 9000 certifications. 260 of the Fortune 1000, including 3M, Amazon, Nortel Networks - outsource to India.”

Greater value – many companies are leveraging the technical expertise of Indian resources for activities such as R&D.

Offshore Software Development
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Blueliner seeks to utilize its entrepreneurial, media and web-centric skills, to achieve brand recognition and maximize ROI for a select group of clients who offer innovative and meaningful products.